Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breast Cancer Walk

If your local (Pensacola area) you know the each year the American Cancer Society hosts the Mall to Mall walk to help take strides against breast caner. Its a little late in the season to really get a good donation in BUT I would love to start a team anyway! And if we happen to raise any money...great! Our business has a breast cancer awareness line so we plan to donate all proceeds of that line to this great cause via our team. I just need a team! If I have enough people interested I will register our team and go from there. Pensacola's 2009 Mall to Mall walk will be held Saturday, October 31st :) We will be done before bring your families with you...put those kids in a stroller and lets fight breast cancer one stride at a time! All you have to do is join our team and walk! Message me if you have any question's or would like to sign up. Hope

Our daughter isn't responding well to her meds, please pray that the Dr's can help us figure out what else may be causing her to spit up and choke. We are now facing this issue while driving! It's very scary, to say the least.

Also, I do have a post in the works with a large selection of our earrings. I will also be getting a post together with the Breast Cancer Awareness line AND we do have a contest coming up! I'm hoping all of this will happen within the next week but please bear with me as we might be having to take a short hospital stay with Adalyn so she can get testing done. Hoping we can try something else to avoid that but at this point we are ready to have some answer's.
Oh! I also have a wonderful post about our local support group as well. :) I have a lot on my plate but I can't wait to share it all with you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Remembering Our Son

Hard to believe it's been 18 months today. A lot sure has changed except the pain we feel. I really thought it would be the 1 year mark that would hit the hardest but today just seems to be a very emotional day for me. As I embrace my two beautiful girls, I feel incomplete, maybe a little betrayed by the Lord?....but thankfully these moment's are short and I look at the positives that have come from the loss of my son.

So here are some of the positives that have come into my life since Zach's passing.
*I'm finding a new relationship with God
*We found a beautiful way to honor Zach, by starting this business and helping other's in their time of need
*We we're blessed with another miracle
*The Lord watched over this new miracle when thing's didn't look so good
*When Adalyn was born I knew that Zach was with her, protecting her and helping her grow
*Now as we face some medical issue's with Adalyn, I know her big brother is with her every step of the way

Adalyn has been talking more and more today to the ceiling and her smiles are extra special...coincidence? maybe...But I'd like to think it's because Zach's here with us and sending his love to me thru Adalyn. :)

Just a brief update. As I somewhat mentioned, Addie has some issue's we have to address. Its nothing to bad, just really bad Acid Reflux that was causing her to choke and stop breathing. So at her 6 month check up a plan was set to see if meds would work. So far I think things are getting better, but we are still the next step is to have testing and procedure's done.
So I haven't been able to get out yet for picture's. We are hoping to get thing's accomplished this weekend.
Also, please stay tuned as we are gearing up for our first ever contest! I can't wait...and you won't want to miss it!