Friday, November 7, 2008

An Update

We are still taking order's and filling them but we have slowed down in anticipation for our new arrival. I have been diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, which is a varient of Pre-E. It's pretty serious and we are looking at having our little girl any day now. I was diagnosed at 22 weeks and am now comming to the end of my 29th week. We are trying to get as close to 34 weeks as possible but a sudden change in my health means we could be delivering her sooner than we thought. As always we are still working on getting some really good quality picture's up on the site without having to hire someone to do them for us. We are adding on new Awareness line's and they will debut after the baby's arrival. If you are looking for anything that we don't offer please ask and we would be more than happy to help create something just for you.

New Awareness Line's:

March of Dime's (premature babies)
Down's Syndrome

and as always we offer Pregnancy and Infant Loss (Forget-Me-Not line) and Breast Cancer

We hope to be up and running come the new year!


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